About the Foundation

About Us

The Fundación Luis Felipe Noé is a non-profit organization based in Buenos Aires and committed to the preservation, promotion and dissemination of the legacy of an artist who has left a distinct mark on the history of Latin American art through his works and critical thinking, Luis Felipe Noé.

What We Do

With encouragement from the Noé family, our principal objective is to protect the archive of the artist’s works, texts and documents. We promote the organization of cultural and educational activities that contribute to stimulating reflection on art and the artistic working process.


We propose to assure the preservation and dissemination of Luis Felipe Noé’s legacy through research, publishing and educational projects.


We aspire to be a point of reference in the distribution of Latin American art and thinking throughout the world. By way of our activities, we look to encourage creativity and investigation and to respect diversity and memory, promoting broad social participation in the construction of an inclusive society.

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